Fuel Your Body: Here’s What To Eat Before And After You Exercise

Knowing what food to eat before and after a workout can be crucial to your fitness plan. Chrissy Brissette, a Toronto based registered dietitian and president of 80 Twenty Nutrition told Global News ‘being hungry or having food in your stomach can make it difficult to exercise.’

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Six Health Myths You Should Ignore

We are constantly being bombarded with health advice, but not all of it is based on rigorous evidence. Caroline Williams (New Scientist) debunks six common myths.

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The Goal – Back on Track

The Goal got sidetracked. Summer and a few other things, got in the way.  I put on a few pounds, from what I lost. I did expect that considering the way I ate during the month of August.

The Goal, it’s still attainable, because I set realistic ones.

Don’t Just Think – Do – No Regrets.

30 Ways to Get Rid of Extra Weight

Snooze and Lose

In a 16-year study at Harvard, scientists found that people who slept for 5 hours or less a night were 32 percent more likely to pack on major pounds than those who dozed a full 7 hours. Although “major” was defined as 33 pounds, the average increase was 2 pounds a year, a gain that’s easy to miss from month to month. “Due to accumulating fatigue, those who get the least shuteye may also move around the least during the day,” says study author Sanjay Patel, M.D.

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Change Up Your Exercise Order for Better Gains

It’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to exercise order. If you’re one of those guys who always trains large muscle groups before small ones, get a load of this study: Researchers from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona found that when subjects performed a workout of bench presses followed by lat pulldowns, triceps extensions and biceps curls, only bench press strength improved more than a group that performed the same exercises in reverse order.

Subjects’ strength increased much more in the other three moves when the exercises were performed in reverse. So if you think back always has to be trained before biceps, think again. A little pre-exhaust never hurt anyone.

Abs By Christmas Day 1

I woke up this morning at 8am, so I got a decent night sleep. I weighed myself, on an empty stomach. I wasn’t surprised or shocked. I’ve been training and eating like a fitness model getting ready for a shoot the last week. Nothing but water the last 7 days, not even a coffee. Two weeks ago, I don’t have the exact weight, but it fluctuated around 194-197 according to the time of day.

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